The Cast of Characters

Tindalos the Summoner – a man of mixed humand and elven heritage who struggled to follow in his father’s footsteps after his mother abandoned him now consorts with otherworldly forces from the mysterious land of Leng across the Dark Tapestry, now seeks to exert his dominance over the Stolen Lands with the help of his faithful eidolon Beltashazzar, a shrewd judge of character with an alien mentality.

Makenna Dakarawa – a human warrior from the savage lands of Numeria who bitterly turned her back on her tribe when she received not even the most trifling recognition for her might and prowess. A woman with a strong sense of justice balanced against an ambitious desire to assert her triumph and glory, she harnesses the rage within her to become a fearsome force in her own right.

Reem Aaron – an eccentric halfling worshiper of the goddess Pharasma who left his temple foster family in Brevoy to bring word of a bizarre prophecy, granted to him apparently by the Goddess of Death and Queen of Omens herself. Haunted by shadows of his past and hopelessly derailed from his original mission, Reem now works to preserve the freedoms of the Stolen Lands.

Deleksin Thayer – a man of many adventures, but whose involvement in them was primarily accidental experiences as a spectator, Deleksin was pushed south by a reputation he did not deserve, after experiences he did not request for reasons he did not understand. Now, haunted by memories of his mother’s killer, the woman whose perverse gluttony he exposed and the allies he left behind, he seeks to right wrongs and experience new things.


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