An Unorthodox Paladin
Too Much of a Lawful Thing

Calistril 9th

The party learned that there had been increased adventurer activity with the spring thaws. Most pressingly, a half-orc paladin named Travaar (truh-VAHR), a half-orcish paladin was collecting debts throughout the Stolen Lands. His lawful pursuits were grating on the people of the chaotic River Kingdoms.

Grigori recommended that the paladin be allowed to continue collecting debts, arguing, in part, that the PCs don’t want to be the ones to stop a paladin enacting his holy duty; Quintessa insisted that he should not be allowed to do this, as collecting these debts violated the spirit if not the letter of the River Freedoms and, if Easthaven were to make a policy of punishing people for their former lives, she and countless other criminals in the Stolen Lands would be liable for ill-earned debts and the sins of their former lives.

The PCs decided the issue of citizenship had been left nebulous long enough and scheduled a census for the beginning of spring; they planned to require a registration for citizenship for protection from debts (and other extradition) after two years.

In any case, they decided that the best approach would be to meet with Travaar in person and summoned him to court.

Calistria 13th

Travaar answered their summon. The paladin stated that the Stolen Lands were not Restov’s to give and that they would be Brevan once more. He eventually conceded that he would follow the laws set forth before him, and Deleksin offered him 100gp toward collecting the debts. The paladin stated he had over 40 debts to collect, and thus would owe additional money (which he, as Deleksin pointed out, would have to pay out of his own pocket).

Travaar stated that he was solving small injustices, as he had been accused (and could not rebut the accusation) of being a glory seeker, and thus sought to right the pettiest wrongs (even collecting debts for the financially solvent).

Quintessa, who had not been present at the beginning, was confused that a paladin would seek un-glory and suggested that he might be seeking to glorify himself in his inglorious undertakings. Tindalos suggested that they ought test to him to determine if he would eschew a more glorious task in favor of a less glorious one even when the more glorious task was also more pressing, and suggested that they should offer to pay off the debt of one of the debtors in order to put him in harm’s way to entice the paladin to slay a dragon or somesuch, but the party eventually decided against that, based on the fact that they had more important matters to attend.

The party gave the dracolsik corpse to Bokken. He was pleased and stated he could make potions of stone to flesh (which Tindalos initially questioned until Bokken explained their function to him). He also expressed dismay that the party assumed that making his “crazy evil brother” not crazy would make him not evil (he likened this to being hungry and tired and stated that he eats in his sleep frequently).

Calistria 17th

A meteor shower, a celestial event known as the Tears of Curchanus, was seen visibly over the Stolen Lands. Allegedly connected to the god Curchanus’ death (recorded over a millennium prior), this is considered an omen of the enmity between man and beast that resulted from Lamashtu’s slaying of the deity and stealing his dominion. The people were comforted by the knowledge that the PCs had previously defended them from a rampaging owlbear, and thus did not grow in unrest from this omen.

Further Explorations of the Stolen Lands

The party returned to Castle Darksky to purchase trail rations and stay the night, mostly because they were all out of trail rations and food is difficult to come by in the wild this late in winter.

Abadius 28th

The party explored.

Abadius 29th – 30th

The party encountered a half-black-dragon, half-basilisk (a creature commonly known as a Dracolisk), who they slew after learning that it had brothers. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to locate its brothers. They decapitated the creature and collected its remains (including and especially its blood) which they dumped in their portable hole.

The PC’s tried to track it back to its brothers, but weren’t able to find them.

Abadius 31st

The PCs explored along the border of Pitax. They spotted what they presumed to be a border outpost, but did not approach.

Calistria 1st – 2nd

The party found hot springs and lazed about there. They moved on, and determined that in and around the area of the hot springs there are occasional blasts of steam and geysers of scalding water, but they weren’t exposed directly to any such thing.

Calistria 3rd

The party encountered and defeated a pair of Aurumvoraxes, killing one and driving off the other. They found a considerable (but not remarkably singificant) cache of gold inside the slain creature’s stomach. They then returned to Castle Darksky to take a kingdom turn.


(Calistria 4th – 19th)

The party constructed a Luxury Shop and Mill in the Murque Tribe’s Headquarters. The Event phase has not yet occurred.

The Dog Days of Winter

Abadius 16th

Kressle argued with Tindalos regarding the naming of their child. She wasn’t able to convince him of anything, and they reached no conclusion regarding what it ought be named, regardless of gender, though Kressle was able to involve everyone else in the awkwardness and tried to insist that it was a matter of state.

The brought shamblesap to Bokken, for potions of cure moderate wounds.

Abadius 17th and 19th

Party traveled and explored.

Abadius 20th through 22nd

Ezregou the demon spoke to them at length about corruption and made a point of lamenting that only evil things summon demons (and that angels must likewise be dismayed that villains never summon them). It gave them a magic weapon on the theory that just giving them power would corrupt them, and Deleksin accepted it, much to Makenna’s chagrin and anger. Tindalos talked her into returning and killing the demon, but as soon as Reem pressed the attack, it teleported away. Makenna accused her companions of being idiots.

Abadius 23rd – 24th

They found the demon and explored a hex after killing it.

Abadius 25th

They explored yet another hex.

Abadius 26th – 27th

The party dealt with a group of Ettins by intimidating them into leaving and, subsequently, bribing them into going to the hills in the northwest. Makenna was disappointed and convinced that she would have to deal with this issue later.

Lessons from Vendelos and a New Year

The party deigned fit to hold a festival in honor of the new year, purchasing decorations for winter (no mechanical advantage, payed for out of pocket with 500gp) to celebrate the eve of the new year as a respite from the Night of the Pale. They had a number of the Nomen Centaurs show up, and a good time was had by all.

The Rushlight tournament was announced in full, with an event list being offered. The following events were named:

archery competition
test of strength
boasting competition
midnight joust
a creative wizardry competition
a (soon to be world-famous) gauntlet

While each event was to have a prize for the victor, the overall winning kingdom would be awarded a rod of lordly might.

The kingdom had unseasonably good weather and was paid a visit by Vendelos the Tree Rat who, after sufficient payment, revealed that he worked for the Aspis Consortium (the nemesis of the Pathfinder Society), who had a vested interest in Restov continuing to receive magic items. They are, apparently, planning to oppose Irovetti and not interested in creating difficulty for Easthaven.



The sewers were created in Olegston, a number of structures were built, and the newly annexed lizardfolk tribe city was added (the Murque Tribe).

Change in Management

Neth 27th

The party found a small garden of Mandragora. They killed them all and gathered the corpses.

Neth 28th – 29th

The party explored more. Nothing of consequence.

Neth 30th

The party encountered and slew a carbuncle. They preserved its body.

Kuthona 1st

The party did some final exploring before their kingdom turn.



The party decided to make Svetlana Mayor of Olegston in order to allow her to focus on that area (and replace her in her capacity as Councilor). They consulted Juniper Stargrove (who informed them that she needed to continue her work for the Pathfinder Society) and sent her to Galt to look into Quintessa Maray. In the meantime, the positions were changed such that Quintessa was Councilor (due to her experience in Galt, which had allowed her to anticipate the revolution) and Stroon replaced Stargrove as Spymaster.

Svetlana promised the people of Olegston a Sewer System to be completed before the end of winter.

The party was approached by Vendelos who insisted that they needed more magic items for Restov, however, the party is fresh out of magic items to sell to the city. Restov agreed to purchase magic items provided by the cities from within Easthaven as necessary.

The River Kingdom Pleasure Barge

23rd of Neth

The party went on to explore and ended up meeting up with a group of pixies who insisted that they should attend their Seven Veils celebration and that they’d been waiting for someone. The party followed the pixies to a River Kingdom Pleasure Barge. Tindalos tragically transformed into a feather, and the party joined the company of the pleasure barge.

The party enjoyed the food (where they were serving traditional River Kingdom fare, including a huge Sellen sturgeon with a rich creamy green sauce made from the native herbs: parsley, lovage, chervil, borage, dill, salad burnet, chives, cress and sorrel); the party mingled with a number of party guests. Reem spent a great deal of time with Jex the Snitch playing cards and gabbing about the other party guests (Jex was quick to guess at what all of them are). They watched a portion of a Clever Nella show (a sort of River Kingdom Punch and Judy about a clever girl who makes a deal with a Contract Devil to roam the River Kingdoms and learns many lessons along the way).

A vain Tiefling (disguised as a human) hit on Deleksin and, after it was clear he would not succumb, moved on to a dignified and wealthy-looking half-elf disguised as a human (who turned out to be a half-orc in disguise), much to her eventual disgust and humiliation.

A man in a magically assisted satyr costume (who turned out to be a real satyr who snuck off when the reveal was to happen) was impressed (or frightened) by Makenna’s drinking, and engaged in melancholy avoidance of pretty much everyone, which is pretty much the opposite of what is expected from a Satyr.

Jex was just having a good time on his way to Pitax, lost at cards to Reem and was surprised when the PC’s revealed themselves. No harm befell him, and no hard feelings were expressed, despite him admitting to banditing his way across the River Kingdom.

A talking dog named Shuffles (who belonged to the Clever Nella show’s host, a man who never revealed himself) performed a Harrow reading for Deleksin, giving the following reading:

            Evil      Neutral      Good

Past     The Survivor   The Idiot         The Hidden Truth

Present          The Beating           The Theater     The Brass Dwarf

Future  The Betrayal    The Uprising   The Sickness

“You were the survivor of some sort of tragedy, you traveled aimlessly for a while until you came across a secret that provided you means to escape. Your present is filled with pleasant (if not the most reliable) company and enjoyable pastimes, but also unavoidable expectations are heaped upon you. Your future will be marked by the betrayal by those you thought trustworthy, some variety of uprising (which will likely be neither good nor bad, but a change nonetheless) and withering and destruction that leaves you in a position of advantage.”

Shuffles also provided an unfortunate Harrow reading for the Tiefling, which ended with him calling her a liar, much to her annoyance.

There was a boasting competition, in which Eileen (the tiefling) boasted about taming a Giant (by removing a thorn from his foot), Reem likewise, albeit his story was more believable; Jex boasted, as a scarecrow, about being a scare-bandit, and Deleksin boasted about slaying Tuskgutter. Unfortunately, Jex won (Makenna and the Satyr both participated poorly), primarily through what essentially amounted to dumb luck.

The Satyr snuck out at the end, which resulted in much confusion. The party could neither track nor find him in any sense. The party asked the pixies about him, and gave an account that varied wildly from the Satyr’s claims.

At the reveal, a woman came out dressed as the nymph queen (although the costume looked nothing like Deleksin’s recollection of what Nyrissa looks like) and, after the reveal, found her in the hold of the ship reading picture books to children.

24th of Neth

The party finished exploring the hex.

Dealings Abroad

Neth 3rd

Irovetti responded that he could only meet with them face-to-face if Easthaven shared a boarder with Pitax

“Esteemed and noble leaders of Easthaven,” the missive began, and ended with a request to extend the kingdom to the border of Easthaven. The party responded by saying that they would do this. Irovetti stated that this was excellent news and that the Stolen lands shall be tamed.

8th of Neth

Agela met with the PC’s, and pledged 20 years of service in return for their bringing Ilthuliak out of Pitax (which is presumed to require temporarily breaking the hold that Irovetti has over him). Learned of the Rushlight Tournament in Erastus.

The PC’s sent a message to Pitax stating that they were expecting to take longer than intended for a diplomatic meeting, but that they look forward to such a meeting.
Irovetti replied


3 claims, 5 lumber mills, 1 bureau in Olegston

The elves send an envoy from Kyonin: an elven diplomat Effros and his companions Merien and Gelarius arrived in Tuskwater. Grigori, Akiros Ismort, Svetlana and Juniper Stargrove met with them, in addition to the party. The elves demanded (politely) that the elf gate be repatriated to the elves, and they negotiated (with Grigori furiously advocating against the elves and Juniper advocating allying with them). A compromise was made and the elves were told that they could pay 40,000gp per use OR agree to provide military aid to Easthaven when necessary. The elves agreed to provide defense for the Kingdom of Easthaven in the form of a CR 10 Eagle Rider army for the defense against aggressors.

15th – 21st of Neth

The party encountered a group of faerie dragons who pranked them with poop and giant rabbits before befriending them and regaling them with pranks past (shaving mites and dropping them off at shrines to Gyronna and convincing grizzly bears to sit on owlbear eggs, and then get surprised with the hatchling). They learned a bunch of questionable things about Nyrissa and traded pebbles illusioned as gold for three thunderstones.

Reem was concerned that immortality might be possible, as this is a serious concern for his faith (since clerics of Pharasma are opposed to anything that harms the cycle of rebirth and eternal rewards).

22nd of Neth

The party encountered Windchaser and, after initially offending him, were able to offer him protection. They decided they would claim his hex and never develop it.

The Abandoned Abbey

Lamashan 26th

The PC’s saw a dragon they assumed to be Ilthuliak and sent multiple messages to Agela about it. The dragon descended on a Tiger Lord camp but was repelled. The PC’s gifted Villamor Koth with a war hammer +2 that they convinced him was from a battle with wyverns. They learned that he had been given a substantial gift of hide armor from Irovetti.

Lamashan 27th

Makenna planned a duel with Villamor Koth, who was defeated (barely) by Makenna.

Lamashan 28th

The party encountered a carbuncle and had a number of hallucinations, ultimately they lost track of the carbuncle and made camp.

Lamashan 29th – 30th

The party dealt with a Crag Linnorm that was occupying a mammoth graveyard for Hillstomper. The party slew the Linnorm, causing Beltashazzar to become cursed and vulnerable to fire, but Reem was able to extract the curse. The party questioned the Linnorm and were told that its treasure was in the Moonscar, the Mammoth’s Skull, Pitax, Nyrissa and at the bottom of the lake. They asked if they may search the Mammoth Graveyard for treasure.

They found a small horde in the graveyard. Hillstomper thanked them for their service.

Lamashan 31st

The party searched the foothills, and finding nothing of obvious value, proceeded south to Whiterose Abbey, where they began to explore, finding the vineyard, where they met Hulligrah the hill giantess. The party made their way to the Western Entrance of the Abbey.

They continued to the hill where they found the librarian’s book and learned some things about the gardener. They encountered the bogeyman, fought and slew him and his will o’ wisps. They then found the corpses the gardener had left in the place, as well as the gardener’s well-preserved corpse. They questioned it, but it refused to give up its secrets. They then explored the graveyard and dealt with a number of shambling mounds, which the gardener defensively attempted to protect (they died, and he escaped by passing through solid matter). The party recovered the shamblesap.

The party searched the area, dumped the spoiled wine and defeated the Gardner in Evindra‘s lair. Evindra’s water clock was damaged to release her, and she thanked the party by telling them the lore of Briar – that the blade was made from Nyrissa’s love, and that Castruccio Irovetti had claimed both the blade and her shawl for himself after slaying the Gardener.

The party returned to Olegston with Hulligrah and reunited her with Mugnuk. The two revealed that their chief, Moleg, had killed their baby per the hill giant tradition that states that they have to throw a feast whenever a child is born and, if there isn’t enough food after the feast, they kill the child and use it as bait to attract new food. This didn’t sit well with Mugnuk, who became bitter and angry with everything afterwards and left the tribe to find a group to break things with. The trolls would not accept him, so he met Reem and realized that killing little things was like killing babies, so he decided he would kill big things instead. He became tranquil after killing the trolls and wearing the sustenance ring. Hulligrah left the tribe to search for Mugnuk, but eventually found snow berry land and used that to drown her sorrows.

The party was moved by this while Xexyphenus was disappointed that Makenna had taken over Mugnuk’s checkers game and was considerably better at it than he was.

Quest: Evindra’s shawl must be retrieved and destroyed in front of her.

The PC’s hired a messenger to send a message to Irovetti. They did not request the shawl, however, as they initially planned to for fear that it would sit poorly with the tyrant.

The PC’s requested a diplomatic meeting with Irovetti.

Further Explorations



The PC’s sold magic items, started a lumber industry, and built a brewery. Sevig Mordenkain reclaimed the dwarven outpost and started a Dwarven kingdom of Modenheim, which sought to have favorable relations with Easthaven.

The party consulted with Juniper Stargrove and got intelligence regarding the Tiger Lord. They also brought the Shamblesap to Bokken, who mentioned that his brother can transform into a bird and leave any prison. He also requested lightning bark from Treants as well as the essence of a devourer.

Arodus 26th

The party met with Agela and discussed the nature of Ilthuliak, learning of aboleths, jabberwocks and the First World (as well as the elves).

The PC’s reburied the burial mounds of the Tiger Lord barbarians, which took a couple weeks.
Lamashan 9th-16th


The PC’s annexed Drelev and built a monument to that achievement. The guilds demand a bureau in Olegston.

Lamashan 17th-18th

Exploring hexes. Noted some evidence of strange activities.

Lamashan 19th

The PC’s encountered and slew the coven of hags.

Lamashan 20th

Makenna battled and slew (and subsequently resurrected) Imura Euborone who told them that Villamor Koth was visiting Irovetti to cow him into backing their war. The party agreed to stay over in the Tiger Lord Camp.

Deleksin dreams of his muse, who warns him that he needed to learn patience.

The PC’s discussed situations with Imura and eventually decided that they would have Makenna test the Sword of Armag at sunset. Makenna retained control with the blade, and the party ended up offending one another.

The PC’s encountered a group of hill giants that had raided a caravan and slew them. They determined that the wagons were Brevan, and collected the goods.

Lamashan 21st

The PC’s encountered a number of faerie dragons whom Deleksin played a cheerful song with enormous success, then an adventuring song. The dragons gave him six 100gp sapphires. He played them the ballad of Agnes, the Miller’s daughter.

Lamashan 22nd – 24rd

Further exploration occurred, and the snows of winter began in earnest.

Lamashan 25th

The party encountered the abandoned silver mine. They found a hand-held mining drill made from adamantine.

The First World Intrudes

Arodus 3rd

The party explored two more hexes in the meantime, and then began a kingdom turn.


The PC’s expanded and sold magic items to Restov. It was discovered that Drelev was receiving care packages instead of condemnation from Brevoy. The PC’s discussed various means of dealing with this, eventually agreeing to send Tindalos and an entourage of Kressle’s new friends to rule the kingdom.

Arodus 5th

The PC’s arrive in Fort Drelev, who revealed that he owed his family in Brevoy 300000gp, and Irovetti 100000gp. They disguised a corpse as the Baron, filled it with injuries and planned to display it publicly while Drelev fled through Mivon through various nations to the Shackles. They managed to convince Satinder, but she refused to help them out of vengeance.

Arodus 6th

The PC’s made their way between the two roads into Mivon. They arrived in the village of Angem, where they determined which inn to stay at.

Arodus 7th

After scaring off some bandits, they continued through Mivon to Doin Vatavis, where they stayed at the Porridge Bowl. They learned the ballad of Ollix Kaddar, which mostly seemed to relate to his strange misadventures and mishaps, and continued to Jellovec.

Arodus 8th

They arrived at Jellovec, where they stayed the night at the Ochre Jelly, before setting off for the border, where Drelev rides off into the sunset.

Arodus 9th

The PC’s were assaulted by a nucklavee out of nowhere.

Arodus 10th

The PC’s searched two more plains hexes. No encounters.

Arodus 11th

The PC’s were attacked by three adult black dragons, all spawn of Ilthuliak. They slew two (Mediruna and Spekitos) while the third escaped. They placed the two slain dragons in their portable hole (they can provide hide for a medium creature or banded mail for a small creature, or half-plate for a tiny creature, as well as a light or heavy shield – all mw by default). Any such would be worth double due to its special materials.

The PC’s asked the first dragon (Mediruna) where their father was (a place apart),whether they had allegiance to Pitax (no), why they were targeted (they’re special), and two times where its treasure was (no and under the water). They questioned the second dragon (Spekitos) and asked the physical location of Ilthuliak (Thousand Voices), allegiance to Pitax (Irovetti employs no creature he cannot cow or dominate), what are his intentions toward us (he has none and seeks our wealth), what is the specific location of your treasure horde (we surrendered our treasure to our father to secure a long-term interest in the swamps; my horde is located in the southeastern portion of the lake, buried deep beneath the swamp in an underwater cave).

Arodus 12th-17th

The PC’s explored. They found the quicksand pits, and noted that they were trapped as if by hunters. They were ambushed by shambling mounds and collected 4 vials thereof (but did not notice Nurgah the Decrepit watching them). They then explored the plains and located a herd of elk and cloudberries before proceeding to Drelev.

Deleksin took Armag’s sword and absorbed it. They blindly activated Deleksin, causing a cylander of the First World to intrude upon this world. This lasted for approximately 7 minutes, during which Tindalos spotted a Jabberwock. Then, they noticed that Deleksin’s heart glows with artifact magic, whereupon Tindalos retired to his chamber with Kressle.


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