Makenna Dakarawa

A Wild Heart from Savage Lands


A wild woman from the lands of Numeria, Makenna is of Kellid stock, with pale skin and dark hair tied in tight braids. Her body is ilthe and muscular, and she tends to wear plain fashion, furs and soft leather, where she is not adorned in battle-ready armor.


Born into the Dakarawa tribe of Numeria, Makenna never knew who her biological father was, but she never worried about that. Her mother was loving and supportive, often more a friend than a mother. There were many parental figures to every youngster, as was the custom of the Dakarawa tribe, and it was not unusual for the children to know only their mother with any certainty. The tribe moved constantly, exploring the land and seeking adventure.

Makenna and her peers were competitive. Every member of the Dakarawa tribe had to be the best at something. Makenna’s best friend Ashanti was exceptionally skilled at hunting and tracking. She tried to teach Makenna, but it always went right over her head. One thing Makenna could understand was combat, so that was her area of expertise.

Makenna’s teacher, Omari, was always critical of his students, but especially of Makenna. Nothing she ever did was good enough. He always insisted that she didn’t push hard enough or she didn’t move fast enough, even though, in reality, she was the most advanced in her age group. No one worked harder, fought longer or advanced more quickly than she did, yet it seemed as though she was the only one being criticized.

There was only one person who seemed to win Omari’s affection – a boy two named Taj. Omari acted as though Taj never made a mistake, even when he underperformed the other students. He was Omari’s favorite, and Makenna loathed him for it. That angry loathing turned to curiosity and that curiosity to lust. Makenna wanted to know everything about Taj to understand what it was that was so special and to have that for herself.

One day she was paired off with Taj in a sparring match. It was a difficult fight, as Taj was two years her elder, and therefore significantly more advanced that she, but Makenna prevailed. Instead of congratulating her, the only thing Omari told her after the match was, “Do better next time.”

This was the breaking point. Makenna stormed off, determined to prove her worth and show that she was best. She decided that she would be the hero she always wanted to be – renowned for her generosity, justice and unmatched prowess. She traveled for some time, trying to find people in need of help.

One day, while traveling through Restov, Makenna overheard a couple fighting in their home. The woman was shouting at the man about how he had broken her things and it wasn’t fair, so Makenna went inside and battered the man into unconsciousness while his terrified wife went to summon the guard. After she throttled the man, Makenna waited for the guard to make sure that the man didn’t bother the woman again, and was, upon the guard’s arrival, immediately thrown in prison.

Makenna Dakarawa

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