Reem Aaron

Strange things Come in Small Packages.


Reem was left on the doorstep of a temple of Pharasma with a note affixed to him stating that he was one of many siblings, and that his parents could not care for him. He was adopted by nuns of Pharasma and raised in the temple. This was during a time of turmoil, when a large Halfling population displaced from the River Kingdoms were seeking refuge within the more stable Brevan borders. It is generally believed that Reem must be the child of one of these, and he and a few other Halflings were adopted by the temple at that time.

Growing up, Reem’s best friend was Baer Selon, another Halfling adopted at nearly the same time. Baer was consumed of a desire to right wrongs and vanquish evil, and became an inquisitor at a relatively early age. He never finished his training, however, as he fell out theologically with the Church of Pharasma over the issue of undead, which he felt could be used for good, but the church dogma marks as anathema. He fled the temple when he and Hela came to blows over the issue, and he very nearly didn’t escape with his life.

During his teenage years, Reem also spent a great deal of time with Hessa Valk, who was the first to instill in him a love of language. She taught him the tongue of their people, in which they would often secretly converse late into the night.

Reem suffered a fever that left him bedridden for three days, during which he had a religious experience that he interpreted as prophetic. Given the loss of prophecy following the death of Aroden, such a development was sufficiently momentous as to draw the attention of the Great Temple of Pharasma in Osirion. Thus, Reem was summoned there to deliver the prophecy and to stand before their judgement to determine its legitimacy.

The Prophecy
I. Weapons

Reem beheld a mace and a dagger bound together at their ends.
A fine, glorious mace of adamantine and a jagged dagger of bone.
The mace was held by a mortal in godly mien,
And the dagger was held by a god in mortal mien.

Reem saw one among fairies with a head like gold
Heart like the sharpest blade
He saw a face that brought tears of blood and made men vomit
And heard words that could harm the strongest men

They knew his face
And would not give him the weapons he needed
The weapons of flesh must be taken by force or deception
If the temple is to be brought up

II. The Beast’s War

Reem saw world below spread out before him
Two great armies clashed
And a greater army rose
But a beast arose and the great army trembled

The great beast since forth a lesser beast
And a beast greater still at its heels
The great beast was burned
And a forgotten beast rose from its ashes

And the land blossomed and grew,
The blossoms were plucked and the grass withered
Fire rained from the sky and the earth burst
And a woman held her two children and wept

“My sons, my sons!
Could you not see you were brothers?”
The brothers were wounded
And one breathed upon the other and fell forever silent

III. A Triumph

And the castle was raised
And the tower was raised
And the temple was raised
And the conquered palace fell

And by mace and blade and fire and water
The high lord was slain

Reem Aaron

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