Tindalos the Summoner

A Feather in Any Cap


Tindalos is a tall half elf with a beat-up mercenary look to him. His jawline is hard and human as opposed to the slender angular structure of elven faces, and his eyes are cool and blue. His blonde hair is frequently tousled and dirty.


Tindalos was born to a human father (Narheim, deceased) and elven mother(Siliana). His father had been a soldier before retiring from service due to injury. With his meager pension and savings he managed to purchase a small home in the woods by a stream and live mostly off fishing and hunting. His life was simple and relaxed until the day a beautiful elven refugee came through the woods, half starved and exhausted. Healing her wounds he offered her room and board until such time as she felt she was ready to move on.

A year later Tindalos was born.

Tindalos grew up mostly in the care of his mother, helping her tend the garden and care for the house while his father was hunting and gathering food. She would often tell him of the glory of her people and their great skills in magic and how she hoped he too would be a great wizard someday. In the evenings when his father returned from hunting they would all sit in the little shack they lived in and his father would recount tales of his days as a soldier. The stories made Tindalos think even more of adventure than the stories of magic and wizards that his mother told.

As Tindalos grew older his father grew less and less capable of providing for them due to his old injuries and in turn the burden of providing fell to Tindalos. Taking up his fathers great-sword, Tindalos went into the nearby village and sold out his services as a guard for the caravans that traveled the area. The work was generally easy as most brigands simply ignored any caravan with guards but on occasion Tindalos was required to wield his father’s sword. The first man he ever killed was during one of these trips. The part that disturbed Tindalos the most was how little he felt at the death of his enemy, as though it was simply second nature to him. He brushed it off as being part of his job and went home.

It was after one of these missions that Tindalos returned to an empty home devoid of life. A search of the area revealed a conspicuous mound in the family garden and a note from his mother:

“My dear son,
I am sorry to say your father passed while you were away. I have come to the realization that you are your father’s son and will grow to be the warrior and soldier that he was. I love you very much my son, but I cannot stand the thought of losing another loved one to the trials of war and destruction. And so I must leave you my son. I pray that you shall one day find the peace and grace of the magical arts but until then do not try to find me. I love you always.”

Tindalos wandered for a time after that in search of his mother and hoping that he might be able to learn something of magic. He met a traveling wizard by the name of Martin who attempted to instruct him in the basics of magic but it turned out to be a fruitless endeavor as Tindalos had no natural magical talent.

Frustrated and discontent, Tindalos went to sleep one night and had a vision of a mysterious and otherworldly mass. Tindalos sensed an immense power and wisdom coming from this being and was filled with a deep dread. A strange amorphous animal came floating to him and spoke in an otherworldly voice: “Tindalos, your destiny has been chosen and your fate has been decided. My master has sent me to grant you a boon and bind you to his service. You will accept his offer as it has been written. When you need me you shall summon me by my name, Beltashazzar.” And with that Tindalos awoke.

Having the power of his patron now on his side Tindalos continued his quest for his mother and his mother’s family. Through the course of his travels Tindalos encountered a member of a noble house by the name of Trevanter Lebeda. A disagreement between the two of them left Tindalos imprisoned for the foreseeable future while his trial was being repeatedly delayed by the petty Trevanter.

Tindalo’s family on his fathers side is rather unimpressive. Coming from a long line of soldiers (and brigands), the family does not have a particular town they call home. Instead, they mostly spend their lives selling their swords for any who will pay and settling down when they have at last lost the ability to continue in their chosen profession. As such they can be found all across the lands in various locations doing various professions (in most cases involving violence). As far as anyone in specific, any impressive soldier could conceivably be related to Tindalos so if you simply want to use that in some way feel free.

Regarding the constituence of his spellcasting family, it comes down to particular branches of the family tree more than anything, as any form of magic is accepted as being a means to enlightenment. The patriarch of the family is an old sorcerer named Millinath, a subtly powerful individual who bucked conventional wisdom when he chose a life of quiet contemplation and magical study instead of the adventuring career that most naturally gifted sorcerers pursue. Quickly finding a beautiful and intelligent wife was not difficult for one of his natural personal charms and in no time he had fathered a number of very gifted children of his own. Specifically he had three sons and two daughters, all of whom possess magical ability of some form and all except one chose to follow in their fathers footsteps and devote themselves to magical studies and pacifistic ways.

Tindalos the Summoner

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