The Very Beginning

A Very Good Place To Start

Before the campaign began, Deleksin and Makenna met in prison in Restov. Makenna had been imprisoned for beating a nobleman who she saw abuse his wife, while Daleksin has originally been imprisoned in Brevoy for piracy and was sent to Restov, presumably to hang for his crime. They are joined in their imprisonment by a feather that they are informed is a spellcaster who shapechanged to avoid punishment for unleashing an abomination on Restov.

Calistril 24th, 4710

The group of them are, however, pardoned by the Swordlords of Restov, but with the condition that they must map the Greenbelt within the Stolen Lands of the River Kingdoms. While doing this, they are to crush all bandit activity, specifically that of the cruel Stag Lord – a bandit-king of some renown.

Pharast 7th, 4710

The pair, accompanied by the feather named Tindalos, arrived at Oleg’s Trading post, where they met Oleg and his wife Svetlana, who immediately assumed that they were the reinforcements that Brevoy was supposed to send to keep the post safe from bandits. Oleg was infuriated by the revelation that they were, in fact, criminals sent to scour the lands of bandits, but Svetlana begged them to protect them from bandit attacks, to which Makenna and Deleksin agreed.

Pharast 8th

Makkena, Deleksin and Oleg ambushed four bandits that attacked the trading post. They killed two of them and captured the leader, Happs Bydon, and one of the others, Kanig Eskers. Happs killed himself with poisoned berries while imprisoned and Kanig surrendered and told them of the Stag Lord, a cruel and powerful warrior who had grown increasingly reclusive. He also said where the Stag Lord’s castle was. Oleg recovered from his injuries.
Quest: A bounty was placed on bandits.

Pharast 9th

A sizeable group showed up at Oleg’s trading post: Vekkel Benzen, a one-legged hunter, Olendis Maystern, an elderly half-elf hunter, Soren Craigsworth, a halfling trapper, and, most notably the promised backup from Brevoy: Kesten Garess, a noble scion of Brevoy, and three of his men-at-arms, Bayard Nolen, a mustachioed human knight, Enalla Murse, a serious and dour fighter in half-plate, and Urruk Stamish, a semi-jovial, if a bit off-putting, dwarf.
Quest: Tuskgutter the boar has been terrorizing the region.


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